Classical Education: It’s Not Just Learning Latin

Classical Education: It's Not Just Learning Latin

Presented by Alex Gonzalez (The Classical Co-op)


Let's discuss what Classical Tradition is NOT, since it is easy to have a preconceived notion from the classical private schools we attended or have heard of throughout the years. There are various strains of classical education that are popular today, in particular the Schole movement. Schole means leisure. This is a movement that emphasizes taking it slow and easy, that LESS is MORE. Education is not just checking off subjects on a list. It is about making connections and learning--not in fragments-- but learning the whole. I will present examples of making connections across the humanities. Since ancient times, classical education has sought to teach students how to discern truth. We do that by learning tools. Although intuitive, these tools can be developed to help students learn HOW to think, not WHAT to think. This time-proven and age-old tradition can cultivate in students their ability to perceive truth, beauty, and goodness.

About the Presenter

Alex Gonzalez is a veteran homeschooler who espouses to learn and teach according to the classical tradition. She is currently enrolled in the Apprenticeship Program at the CiRCE Institute.

Alex is the Director of the Classical Co-op in Westford, MA.