Homeschooling Multiple Ages Simultaneously

Workshop: Homeschooling Multiple Ages Simultaneously

Presented by Kathryn Michelotti

Learn tips and tricks to help make homeschooling multiple ages easier on you and your family. Kathryn will share what has worked for her family and other families she has helped.

Participants will break into smaller groups and discuss strategies that have worked in their own homeschools, then share with the larger group.

This is a great opportunity to share your wisdom and learn from other homeschoolers.

About the Presenter


Kitty Michelotti is a homeschool mom of 3, Chairman of the Home Education Advisory Council in NH, Educator at multiple coops, Homeschool Coach, and has been educating learners of multiple ages in non-traditional settings for 20 years.

From a farmer-educator in NY and science camp designer in CO, to hike leader in Switzerland, and finally tween boy home educator in NH (that one is the hardest), Kitty strives to keep her relationships with her students at the forefront of her educational philosophy.

The educational successes Kitty has found most rewarding are not the ones where she has finally gotten a concept to take root in the mind of a student; but rather the ones where, in a rich educational environment she has created, she has observed a student make a learning connection for him/herself.